Elementary, my dear Seeker!

Go back to the elements of being a Seeker and remember a past almost forgotten!

New Quest Unlocked!

After silencing the last peacock, a small child drops out of the palm tree in front of you. You lower your weapon carefully. You came here to relax after all and the child seems non-threatening enough.

CutScene Training Camp You may now travel to Training Camp.

CutScene Festivas Past LFestivas Past
I am the Ghost of Festivas Past!
The child looked rather ridiculous standing in front of you with such an odd air of authority and mystery. After all, what could a child do?

You try to explain that you're just there to relax when the boy darts forward suddenly and steals something from your pocket. He smiles jovially and turns to run.

CutScene Festivas Past LFestivas Past
Follow me! You'll find me in the past! At the Training Camp that was the Temple of Five before! You have something to learn from those who were Seekers before you!
With a giggle, he was off. You followed him into the forest and before you knew it, you came out into a clearing. You were nowhere near the island anymore. Where had the boy taken you?

You check your inventory, but for the life of you can't find anything missing, yet you know you saw the child take something. Temple of Five? You vaguely remember something about the Training Grounds being built on the site of an old temple.

The boy appears ahead and darts behind one of the tents. You make to follow him, but before you know it, a large man surrounded in flames jumps into your way!

You think you understand the elements, do you, Seeker? Let us see how well!!!
CutScene Fire Elementalist RFire Elementalist

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