A Change of Heart

Golem HeartEdit

  • Defeat 10 Bardic Dissidents and 10 Rebel Smugglers

Side Quest Chapter 4: Building Smoke BombsEdit

Building Smoke BombsEdit

  • Collect 10 Small Flames, 10 Pungent Incense and 5 Food Tins

Smoky SuccessEdit

  • Reward: 1 Smoke Bomb .

Kestrall's Horrible SecretEdit

  • Defeat 1 Assimilator Spawn

Monster BloodEdit

  • Defeat 10 Jade Deepmoths

Dramatic PsiEdit

  • Defeat 10 Psiroes

The Assimilator's LairEdit

  • Defeat 10 Assimilator Spawns

Abby's BatonEdit

  • Travel to Ecorae

Imp AssassinEdit

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