Time Passes

As I sleep and dream of the Mythlands, the Shadow is loose! What will happen to my home?!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Learn More in the Next Amazing Chapter of LevynLight!

Master Shadow LMaster Shadow
You are finished, Seeker! I have other matters to attend to. The Mythlands wait for their ruler!
The Master Shadow disappears before you eyes. Your energy is gone. Your very life force is being sapped away by the second. Cut, bleeding, and bruised, you sink to the floor as Ravoth and Zeruul hurry to your side.
We have to do something! The Seeker will die if we do not!!! Quick, Ravoth! Do whatever you can!!!
Zeruul RZeruul
Ravoth looks at you concerned before he closes his eyes and begins to chant. His hands glow with a bright light and his forehead crinkles in concentration. Blue, red, and green magic begin to swirl around him entirely. As your vision begins to tunnel, he directs all the power towards you. You are overwhelmed with exhaustion and before your eyes close, you hear Zeruul.
Will the Seeker live?
Zeruul RZeruul
Scarred Man LScarred Man
Yes, I believe so. The Seeker will sleep for days...years...eons...I know not.
Your sight goes dark and you dream of the Mythlands.

The Master Shadow is loose as you sleep and there's no telling how long or to what extent its evil has reached! Return in the next chapter of LevynLight to see what has become of your home!!!

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