I Defeated the U-bots!

With the U-bots gone, the Sinkbots have agreed to let Enrick and I into the city! Now I can buy and craft new items from under the sea!

New Objective Unlocked!

•Sinkbot City has opened its doors to you! Now, you can buy and craft items in the store, and collect crafting components from the local residents. •Travel to Daphne Cove.

With its power source overloaded, the last U-Bot explodes in an underwater shock wave.

Down below you, the Sinkbots are watching. Although their eyes are only light bulbs, and their faces steel, they look sad.

CutScene SinkbotSinkbot
Glug... Go ahead... Go tell scientist about Sinkbot City. We go home peacefully. Sinkbots knew this would happen, eventually. Human always win. Zeruul always win.
No, we just wanted to visit, not to destroy your city. We'll make sure Zeruul doesn't find this place, and as for the scientist, well... we'll figure something out.
CutScene SinkbotSinkbot
Thank you... Glug... Humans welcome in Sinkbot City from now on, if humans keep secret.

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