I'm Swimming in Dirt and Manure!

Call it what you like, but all fertilizer and soil are are dirt and manure. Why, oh why did I sign up for this?!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Collect 8 Rich Soil from Sweepers!

Zeruul bends down in front of one of the Grass Gremble burrows and picks a small tree sapling gently up and out of the soil.
Levyn Sapling
You have received: Levyn Sapling x 1
Zeruul Human LZeruul
This is it! I can feel it in my bones! It's like my heartbeat is the same as this small plant's. My magic is as much a part of it as it is me!
The small sapling seems to adore Zeruul's attention and sprouts more before you eyes. He gently hands it to you and you cup it in your open hands. You feel it energize you with new energy while taking some of your own essence. You, too, begin to feel the thump of your heart and a reciprocating beat from the tiny plant.
Zeruul Human LZeruul
We must plant it in the city to ward off the Shadow's return to these parts! We need some soil. Everything around there seems to be nothing but concrete.

Hey! I know what we can do! There are Sweepers in the city and they're always covered in ash and soot! Those both can make wonderful soil for this little guy as long as we mix it with some good fertilizer, which we already have! Let's track down a few of those Sweepers, shall we?!

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