A Lucky FindEdit

  • Buy a Pendant Ocarina at the shop

The Road Opens...Edit

  • Travel to New Feron

The Man in the Mechanical SuitEdit

  • Defeat 10 Shock Guards

Scrap The Grease Can Gang Edit

  • Defeat 10 Robot Racketeers

Joining The Bomb BusinessEdit

  • Collect 10 Cyborg Skulls from Unholy Constructs and 10 Flammable Fuel from Incinerators

The Vice-President Of ExplosionsEdit

  • Defeat 5 Goblin Electricians

A Dud!Edit

  • Defeat 5 Irritated Scientists

The Teeny-Tiny Mushroom CloudEdit

  • Defeat 5 Patchwork Men

You're Going to Have a Blast!Edit

  • Defeat 10 Blackened Beasts

Run For The Blast SiteEdit

  • Travel to the Blast Site

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