I've Been Chosen to Protect the Levyn!

I brought the Levyn to Peron Rihn, who told me that it is a legendary creature. I need to guard the Levyn from Zeruul, who fears its power.

New Objective Unlocked!

You arrive at Peron's hideout and tell him what's going on, but throughout your story, he can't stop staring at the Levyn, who is hovering behind you.
CutScene PeronRihnPeron Rihn
Is that . . . the Levyn? I can't believe it's sprouted, after hundreds of years of dormancy! And to think it was in Hedge Valley all along!

The Levyn Seed was my father's most prized possession, passed down by the Forest Rangers for generations. A few years ago, a mysterious figure broke into our hideout and stole it! The Levyn is part of an ancient legend, which tells of its ability to unify the hearts of all people.

Zeruul fears the Levyn's power. Otherwise, he would not attempt to destroy the forest looking for it. Take the Levyn to New Feron, in the north. When you get there, contact Cog Lord Kelend, leader of the Mechanical Menace. He will give us the weapons we need to destroy Zeruul's metal monsters and stop his assault on the forest.

You'll need my seal in order for Kelend to trust you. Go to the Ecorae shop, and my allies should be able to make you one.

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