Enrick is Back!

Enrick came to New Feron with an important message for me! Together, we're heading out on a new adventure.

New Objective Unlocked!

Enrick has become your traveling companion! You can view him on the camp page under your equipment.

• If you haven't upgraded your weapons to the fullest, why not stick around for a while and make sure you're using the best equipment? Dull weapons mean lost battles.

• Travel to Fontis Sapienta.

Cog Lord KelendCog Lord Kelend
You... are really something special, even for a Seeker. You've given an old man some hope, and for that, I owe you one.

But enough of that! A friend of yours has come a long way to see you.

I came as soon as I was well enough to travel... we're almost ready to fight Yorrick, but Peron still needs our help.

King Yorrick is a powerful necromancer, and only someone with magical knowledge will be able to break his spells. We need the help of Archmage Philima and the Arcane Order.

Kelend is heading off to Ecorae, but you and the Levyn are coming with me to Fontis Sapienta. Together, we ought to make some headway with Philima.

CutScene FontisSapienta
You may now travel to Fontis Sapienta

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