Abyss Troll

Deep in the East Core Abyss where the very roots of the Mythlands call home, the Abyss Troll stalks and roams with terrifying consequences. Undisturbed for eons, it remained unknown until the greed of the people above disturbed it from its slumber. Now it hunts its prey with deadly accuracy. Not even the Master Shadow dare tangle with the Abyss Troll, for the creature would consume all with allegiance to none.

Location(s): East Core Abyss

First Appearance: Chapter 16

Attack Power: 500

Defense Power: 200

Family Type: Beast
Enemy Class: Tough, Fast, Warded

Critical Chance: 5%


  • 15% chance of Monstrous Rage ! (+100 Attack)
  • The Abyss Troll has caught sight of you! RUN!
  • 25% chance of Distraction! (+100 Defense)
  • The Abyss Troll is distracted by a Corrupt Miner that's wandered too deep!

Loot: Black Ravoth Shard small Black Ravoth Shard
Gold: Gold Icon 600+

Energy Preference: E.C. Abyss - Tier 8

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 7 Badge Gold 15 Badge Platinum 25

The Abyss Troll is labelled a boss battle for Chapter 16: Into the Abyss.

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