Albino Ibis

The Albino Ibis is a natural predator of the wetlands. Its quick and deadly strike is only rivaled by its beauty from those who witness it. It is an epitome of patience as it waits for its next source of food to wander innocently by. Though not naturally aggressive in disposition, it makes its killing cleanly and uses violence as a tool to finish the suffering of its prey with all haste.

Location(s): Mangled Swamp

First Appearance: Chapter 14

Attack Power: 169

Defense Power: 50

Family Type: Beast

Critical Chance: 5%


  • 34% chance of Sharpened Talons (+5 Attack)
  • The Albino Ibis attacks with a sudden rush of sharpened talons!
  • 23% chance of Ferocious Beauty (+4 Defense)
  • You are so distracted by the Albino Ibis's beauty that you are hesitant to harm it!
  • Archer's Precision (+1000 Defense vs Strong, Enchanted)
  • Only an archer's precision can defeat the Albino Ibis!

Loot: White Feather White Feather
Gold: Gold Icon 350 - 375

Energy Preference: Basic Energy small Basic Energy

Alternative Version(s): Ebony Ibis small Ebony Ibis (rare version)


  • White Feather is available as loot only while using Static Volt, even though Albino Ibis can also be encountered with Basic Energy. This is intentional.
  • There is a larger version of the picture available on LevynLight facebook page.
  • Originally released as a part of Aznor's Third Visit event. See Aznor's Clearing for more details on the event version.

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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