I Blew Black Jenner Away!

With Zeruul's familiar gone, the Levyn is safe and the crow temple is free from evil influence!

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat Chanya 4 times.

Black Jenner screeches one last time, and collapses. The smoke around his body dissipates, until all that is left is his metal skeleton.

The Scarred Man and Chanya continue to fight, attempting to push each other over the edge of the balcony. While they are distracted, you run to the Levyn and free it from its restraints.

Just then, Chanya blasts fire into the Scarred Man’s face, knocking him back over the edge. The Levyn dives over after him, and soon they rise up into the air together, the Scarred Man clinging to the Levyn’s trunk. With no way to get back, they fly away into the distance, leaving you facing Chanya.

Evil Chanya LChanya
No! I was so close! You’ll die for this!

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