Location(s): Ivory City

I'm Ready to Face Lt. Graves!

Today, Glorin sent me to face Lt. Graves! Who knows what terrible foes await me in the eternal twilight of the Dead Camp...

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to The Dead Camp.

CutScene CaptainGlorin LCaptain Glorin
Good. It looks like these recruits are starting to defend themselves. Hopefully, they’ll be able to defend our stronghold, as well.

Since the undead moved in, we’ve been trying to plan an ambush on their camp, but they are always one step ahead of us. This time, an informant has found a reliable weakness in their defenses. I’m sending you, along with most of our Knights, to attack them.

Your mission is to take no prisoners, and leave no survivors. This time, we’ll strike a blow to Graves that he can’t ignore!

CutScene TheDeathCamp Travel to The Dead Camp.

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