We Need a Distraction!

Princess Malorra is ready to strike back against Captain Kestrall! All we need now is a distraction. Some Arachnowls and Grumpy Bears ought to do the trick.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Gain the allegiance of 10 Grumpy Bears and 10 Arachnowls in preparation for the Grevel Nub revolt.

CutScene PrincessMalorraPrincess Malorra
...Okay. That's the plan. Have you got it?
We're ready, Princess! Let's take back the Arbor!
CutScene GrevelNub RGrevel Nub
CutScene PrincessMalorraPrincess Malorra
All right then. All we're missing is a distraction. I think 10 Grumpy Bears and 10 Arachnowls carefully placed in the Guard Stations around the city will do the trick, don't you?

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