Mining Success!

I mined 50 Whitestone Ore! Armored White Mail, here I come!

New Quest Unlocked!

• Return to Ivory City.

• Visit the Workshop found under the Shops menu button above to craft the Armored White Mail.

• If you have enough Emeralite, you may find some special use for it!

Mine ForemanMine Foreman
It looks like you've mined enough Whitestone Ore to make yourself some decent armor. Go back to Ivory City and see what the blacksmith in the Workshop can make for you!

You did great work out there! I wish we could equip the rest of the miners with those Seeker Stones. I wonder if they could somehow be combined with a pickaxe... Got to get my hands on one of those!

The Mine Foreman wanders off, mumbling about gems and ore.

Note: Despite what the quest says, only White Halfmail will be able to complete quest.

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