Badges are earned after defeating certain amount of characters.

Levels for most common characters are as follows:

  • Badge Bronze bronze for defeating the character 1 time
  • Badge Silver silver for defeating the character 10 times
  • Badge Gold gold for defeating the character 100 times
  • Badge Platinum platinum for defeating the character 250 times

Note that levels are not based on how powerful a character is e.g. a Corvian Trickster is more powerful then an Enchanted Goblin, but the goblin can only be attracted once so you only need to catch one of them to earn a Platinum badge.

Area badges are also rewarded by location, whichever lowest badge you have in a location determines your location badge. e.g. In Ted's Farm a seeker has Silver Badges for the Unicow, Field Mouse, and Scarecrow, the Platinum badge for the Joyous Reaper and the Bronze badge for the Farm-It-All 5000, then they have a Bronze area badge.

Characters with variable (scalable) stats don't contribute to location badges (which is why they're not listed on their individual pages), but they have do have special character badges. These can be seen from the badge picture when achieving victory over a scalable character. More info on these badges can be found on Scalable Characters page.

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