Location: Troll Pit

The Troll Pit is Infested!

I found undead creatures shambling around the Troll Pit! If I get rid of them, maybe the Trolls will leave the river alone.

New Objective Unlocked!

Defeat 10 Degenerate Zombies and 15 Zomblings to clear the Troll Pit.

As Bort reported, the troll pit is indeed crawling with undead creatures who shamble about, looking for an exit. The smell surrounding the place doesn’t seem to be coming from the corpses.
CutScene TeaTroll LTea Troll
Oh dear. It looks like Lt. Graves was in this area, performing one of his ghastly rituals to raise the dead. I don’t think he counted on the people that my brothers had accidentally stepped on... they must be trapped in the garbage piles. Be a dear and dispatch them, would you?

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