I Have to Fight to Reach Aznor!

Aznor would help me if he knew I was here, but the Tank Drivers are keeping me away from meeting him. Help me break the line of Tank Drivers!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Defeat 3 Tank Drivers

You take care of the last Caravan Urchin only to see the Tank Drivers standing in between you and Aznor. They eye you skeptically and it's apparent that they think you may be a threat to their leader.
CutScene Tank Driver LTank Driver
You're obviously more of a nuisance than I originally gave you credit for, but you still can't see Aznor. He's busy dealing with more important things, so you can turn back the way you came.
If you want to talk to Aznor, you'll have to go through the Tank Drivers first.

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