Brick Wall

This wall forms the outer perimeter of Kestrall's Oubliette. It's got some faults running through it that you might be able to exploit with the right energy...

Location(s): Kestrall's Oubliette

First Appearance: Chapter 4

Attack Power: 25

Defense Power: 17

Family Type: Construct

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 31% Chance of Dislodged Stone (+4 Attack)
  • A loose stone plummets from the top of the Brick Wall, striking your armor!
  • 55% Chance of Quality Construction (+2 Defense)
  • The Brick Wall is especially strong here, with no loose stones.

Loot: Whitestone Shard Whitestone Shard
Gold: Gold Icon 10 - 89

Energy Preference: Wall Energy

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 3 Badge Gold 7 Badge Platinum 10

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