- Use your Seeker Stone to explore your surroundings.

CutScene CaptainKestrall LCaptain Kestrall
My wing! You've brrrrroken my wing! Filthy rrrebel... Zeruul will find you and your little frrrriends, and then he'll clip your wings for good!

You didn't clear all the birds out of the Arbor-- all this time, my vultures have been soaring above the forest, waiting for my signal. Vultures, attack!

CutScene WingGuard You have received: 1 x Wing Guard

Kestrall screams, and as he does, a giant cloud of birds blots out the sun. Scores of vultures dive through the air toward you, filling the air with their cries. One vulture barrels into you, then another, until you see nothing but black feathers.

The vultures grab you and fly you to a stone building a few miles away, where they throw you into dank stone cell. You can hear the cries of other prisoners echoing down the corridors.

You've got to get out of here! Peron Rihn needs you! But how?

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