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This massive three-headed dog has long guarded the abandoned gates to this dismal and hellish place. It was once bound on a leash and kept in control through its massive, enchanted chains. However, those chains have long since rusted, allowing this creature to roam free, looking for its next victim.

Location(s): Mt. Prometheus

First Appearance: LevynLight 1st Anniversary

Attack Power: Variable

Defense Power: Variable

Family Type: Dark

Critical Chance: 3%


  • 67% chance of BITE! (+3 Attack)
  • This dog has more bite than most!
  • 33% chance of Bark! (+3 Defense)
  • You think one massive dog barking is scary...try three!

Loot: None
Gold: Gold Icon 210 - 240

Energy Preference: None


Badges: Seekers do not earn badges for this character (more details).

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