I Met The Scarred Man!

This mysterious warrior in the tattered green cloak seems to be after the Levyn too!

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat 12 Ember Salamanders.

With the battle finished, the man on the hill walks down toward you. On his way, he kicks a straggling Coal Eater.
Scarred Man LScarred Man
If you seek the Levyn, you’re too late. The tree is long gone from here. Head back to Ecorae, and help your friends. They’ll need you to defeat the Skeleton King. It’s best not to meddle in affairs beyond your comprehension.

If you want to put out this fire, however, I suggest you talk to the Head Firefighter. You’ll find her north of here, hemmed in by a nest of Ember Salamanders.

You leave the clearing and hide nearby, where you can see the Scarred Man. He leaves heading North, toward the barren plains beyond the forest. Once you get the fires under control, you intend to follow him.

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