I'm leading the charge against the feral Undead! Join me on Levynlight, and help me fight!

New Objective Unlocked!

In Torque's absence, you help Kelend's remaining officers round up the troops. Soon, you see a dark line of soldiers creeping across the horizon. Behind them is a blot on the sun, a tall, elephantine creature on legs like tree trunks. As it gets closer, you see that its face is covered with a mass of tentacles.

The remaining members of the Mechanical Menace charge the approaching army, guns and saws at the ready. The Monster and its handlers charge, as well, raising their weapons and screeching. Obby points to the giant beast.

CutScene Obsolete Robot LeftObsolete Robot
That's the Chenivore. Attack its handlers first, or else you won't have a chance!

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