Location banner Charred Lands

Travelers to the Charred Lands should watch their step- the ground here glows with the embers of past fires, and a promise of more blazes to come. Once, these lands held some of Ecorae’s most prosperous forest and farmland, but a rash of forest fires have driven all of the inhabitants out. Now, the Charred Lands are empty, except for a few fire fighters who struggle just to contain the flames, let alone stop them.


Fam. Type
Quest Required?
Arsonist small Arsonist Humanoid 53 20 Yes Gadget, Widget
Blade of Zeruul small Blade of Zeruul Humanoid Variable Variable - Arcane Cordial, Gadget, Liquid Frost, Widget
Chanya small Chanya Humanoid 59 18 Yes Gadget, Widget
Coal Eater small Coal Eater Construct 48 19 Yes Gadget, Widget
Demolitionist small Demolitionist (R) Humanoid 58 20 Yes Esoteric Electric Elixir, Scorching Snow Salve
Ember Salamander small Ember Salamander Beast 52 19 Yes Gadget, Widget
Eye of Zeruul small Eye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable - Flame Infusion, Gadget, Shock Shake, Widget
Fire Fly small Fire Fly Beast 42 15 - Gadget, Widget
Greater Immolator small Greater Immolator Dark 57 20 Yes Gadget, Widget
Lesser Immolator smalll Lesser Immolator Dark 57 19 Yes Gadget, Widget
Shield of Zeruul small Shield of Zeruul Construct Variable Variable - Gadget, Liquid Frost, Shock Shake, Widget
Will of Zeruul small Will of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable - Arcane Cordial, Flame Infusion, Gadget, Widget

Seeking StrategyEdit


Arcane Cordial small Flame Infusion small Shock Shake small Liquid Frost small Esoteric Electric Elixir Small Scorching Snow Salve small


  • None


  • None

Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Charred Lands:

Chapter 7: Arsonist No MoreEdit

Available after completing the Clear Out the Arsonists main quest.

Chapter 7: The Fire Fighter ChallengeEdit

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