I'm On A Quest To Find The Citrine Heart!

Philima sent me on a quest to find the Citrine Heart Vine! If I can return with the vine's heart, we can save the city.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to the Citrine Heart Grotto.

PhilimaArchmage Philima
Those Mucks are much better behaved now that you've ruffled their feathers a bit. Well done.

While you were gone, I have found the key to purifying my helpers, the Khlorri. Hidden in a stretch of enchanted tidal marsh is a rare plant, known as the Citrine Heart Vine.

The vine's crystal heart possesses the power to heal magical creatures from any ailment.

Travel to the Citrine Heart Grotto and retrieve the stone, and we may yet have a chance against the Obsidian Guardian.

CutScene Citrine Heart Grotto
You may now travel to Citrine Heart Grotto

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