I Saved Chanya The Firefighter!

Chanya was fighting the fires threatening Ecorae until the Scarred Man trapped her. Now she's free to heal the Charred Lands!

New Objective Unlocked!

Defeat 14 Arsonists.

The Ember Salamanders flee into the blackened forest, leaving trails of ash as they go. With their perimeter broken, you find a disheveled woman wearing a Forest Ranger uniform in a lean-to under a charred tree stump.
Chanya LChanya
Oh... someone came to save me... I had almost given up!

That fiend, the Scarred Man, killed all my Hedge Guard and ran me into a Salamander nest, hoping they would burn me up. Now, he’s overrun the forest with Arsonists who have undone all my progress.

Help me retake the forest by ridding the area of Zeruul’s Arsonists!

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