I Defeated The Magma Fairy!

This molten monster was one of the six guardians protecting King Yorrick. With its death, I'm one step closer to my goal!

Using the cooling power of Mist Energy to counteract the heat, you slowly cool a path for yourselves that leads to the Magma Fairy.

As the beast looms over you, readying another blast, you shoot cooling mist straight into its mouth. It wheezes and coughs, choked by its own smoke, and you blast it with a heavy dose of enchantment. The Magma Fairy cracks, splits apart, and collapses into a smoking heap.

Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
First the fire, now the smoke! Let’s get the treasure and then find some fresh air!
Eye of jet
You have received: 1 x Eye of Jet

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