I Saved Ecorae From The Flames!!

I thwarted a Fire Fly attack on Ecorae! Now that the city is safe, I can go after the Levyn.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Travel to the Charred Lands. • Enrick is no longer traveling with you.

PhilimaArchmage Philima
Peron! You’re all right!
Just barely... until you came along, those bugs had the doors blocked off!
Peron Rihn RPeron Rihn
PhilimaArchmage Philima
Now that we’re safe, there’s something all of you must know.

While the Seeker fought the Obsidian Guardian, a woman made of fire broke into my hideout and stole the Levyn. She burned so brightly that I couldn’t see her face, but the flames didn’t harm the tree.

Ecorae’s been battling fires ever since you left... perhaps there is a connection.

Seeker, you go to the Charred Lands, where the fires began, and find my head firefighter, Chanya Rolosk. I trust the two of you find the source of these attacks, and rescue the Levyn.

Enrick, you stay here, and help us plan our final attack on King Yorrick.

Peron Rihn RPeron Rihn
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Right, Peron.

Stay safe, young Seeker, until we meet again. I know you can set things right.

CutScene CharredLands
Travel to Charred Lands.

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