Critical Chance (formerly known as Luck) determines the odds of scoring a critical hit, which will double the total attack power of the player (Seeker) or an enemy character.

For players, critical chance is calculated as the sum of all critical chance percentages on their equipment.

e.g. If your weapon provides 5% critical chance, your armor 2% and your support item 4%, you will have 11% chance of scoring a critical hit.

Same as equipment, enemy characters have their Critical Chance simply displayed on their cards.

Another example: A Seeker at Ted's Farm is equipped with a Hatchet, Padded Vest and Three Leaf Clover encounters a Field Mouse. The total Critical Chance of the Seeker would be the sum of his equipment Critical Chance scores, which are 1%+0%+2%=3%. While the Field Mouse's Critical Chance, as displayed on it card, is 6%. So, the Field Mouse has twice as much chance to score a critical hit.

Critical Chance does not affect the probability of finding loot.

When the player achieves a critical hit, the following message is displayed in the encounter log:

x2 Fortune favors the bold!
(player name) lands a critical hit!

More detail on how combat works can be found on the Combat page.

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