Crystal Horn

Territorial and food-oriented, Crystal Horns spend most of their time grazing in front of the entrance to the enchanted Grotto path, eating Tuberous Glow Grass in large clumps. The Horn leaves travelers alone so long as they keep a safe distance; just don't threaten their food source, or try to force your way by them to get to the path. Those horns are razor sharp, and the beasts know how to use them.

Location(s): Citrine Heart Grotto

First Appearance: Chapter 6

Attack Power: 46

Defense Power: 16

Family Type: Beast

Critical Chance: 4%


  • 55% chance of Wandering Food (+3 Attack)
  • The Crystal Horn sniffs the air in your direction. Assuming that your hair is some kind of mundane wandering vegetable, it grabs hold, eager to crop and eat it.
  • 12% chance of Stomp (+7 Attack)
  • The Crystal Horn runs up and stomps on you a few times.
  • 40% chance of Charge (+6 Attack)
  • A powerful head-butt from the charging Crystal Horn throws you back several feet. Luckily the razor sharp horns didn't seem to hit anywhere too important.
  • Familiar's Seal (+10 Defense vs Precise)
  • Crystal Horn gets +10 Defense if you use Precise class weapon against it.

Loot: Stone of Summoning Stone of Summoning
Gold: Gold Icon 100 - 110

Energy Preference: None

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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