Cyclone Sword

Aznor combined his knowledge of magic learned in Fontis Sapienta, his skills at the forge honed in New Feron, and his appreciation of nature developed in Ecorae to create the Cyclone Sword.

Magically harnessing in the power of a storm in this blade, Aznor has created one of the rarest weapons in all the Mythlands. Unfortunately, it's also the most specialized.

Location(s): Aznor's Clearing

Type: Weapon

Attack Power: 60

Mastery Level 1 2 3 4 5
Attack Power 67 73 80 88 97

Weapon Class: Strong

Power Type: Ice

Critical Chance: 2%


  • 85% chance of Pelts and Powers (-25 Attack vs Beast, Dark)
  • The cold has no effect on your Cyclone Sword.
  • 70% chance of Shelters (-12 Attack vs Fast, Warded)
  • Your {*opponent*} found shelter from the storm of your sword!
  • The temperature around you plummets to freezing temperatures!
  • 20% chance of Gale Force Winds (+7 Attack vs Tough)
  • Strong winds push over your {*opponent*}.

Required Level: 40

Sell Value: 0 (Tradeable)

Obtained By: Purchasing from Caravan Bazaar for 120000 Gold during Aznor's first and second arrival.


  • This was the first ever Ice weapon released in the game. It was also released before any Fast or Tough opponents were introduced.

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