Dark Dig Dwarf

Contractors for Lord Kelend's campaign to expand the tunnels, the Dark Dig Dwarves are equipped with all of the best tools that New Feron can offer. They command a high percentage of any ore that they find, but Lord Kelend sees it as a fair trade-off to obtain dwarven expertise in mining and metalwork. Good at laying plans and even better at protecting those plans from intruders, the Darkdigs are an investment in the future safety of the mines.

Location(s): East Core Abyss, The Blast Site

First Appearance: Chapter 6

Attack Power: 40

Defense Power: 25

Family Type: Humanoid

Critical Chance: 3%


  • 82% Chance of Digby Drill (+12 Attack)
  • Dark Dig Dwarf's Digby Drill demands destruction!
  • Overheat (-22 Attack)
  • Dark Dig Dwarf's Digby Drill grinds to a stop as its internal workings overheat with steam!

Loot: 30 x Enhanced Energy small Enhanced Energy, 5 x Silverade small Silverade (in The Blast Site) 10 x E.C. Abyss - Tier 4 small E.C. Abyss - Tier 4 (in East Core Abyss)
Gold: Gold Icon 2000 - 3000

Energy Preference: None

Notes: The Digby Drill is a reference to Town of Digby, a MouseHunt Location.

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 3 Badge Gold 5 Badge Platinum 10

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