I'm On The Energy Merry-Go-Round!

I have to find the right boss energies in order to defeat the guards in Zeruul's Army Fortress!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Defeat 9 Gate Watch

- Defeat 7 New Recruits
- Defeat 12 Shadow Influencers

Remember: Each boss responds to a different type of boss energy from previous chapters.

You run up to the encampment with Ravoth beside you. Up ahead is a giant fortress with walls stretching up into the sky, topped with barbed wire. Everything is muddy and gray. The very air is heavy with depression.
Scarred Man LScarred Man
We'll have to get past their defenses if we want to reach the Shadow General.

I know that each will be attracted to a different boss energy found in the Mythlands, but I can't remember which. You'll have to test a couple different types in order to discover what energy attracts which character.

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