I Brought Snowmen To Life!

Unfortunately, they are a bit too intent on wandering off and exploring the world. My Seeker Stone should help me catch up to them, despite their camouflage.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect 9 Snowmen.

Once you have gathered up all of the snowballs made by the children, you and Mr. Holly assemble them into a small fleet of Snowmen, complete with carrot noses, festive scarves, and tree-branch arms.

The Snowmen are so happy to have been brought to life that they disperse in all directions. One runs after a child’s ball, and another follows a pie cart.

CutScene Holly L
Well, this won’t do! These Snowmen are supposed to gather on the outskirts of town to welcome Father Snow. Can you gather them all up in time?

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