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Suspended high in the treetops, Ecorae is the former stronghold of the forces of Nature, dating from a time long before Zeruul conquered this land. The disposition of the people here is like the growth of a tree-- persistent and slow to change. Rough, natural materials surround you as you walk through the city, such as planks and thatch. In fact, Ecorae seems peaceful, until you look up in the trees at the flocks of Corvian Tricksters that Zeruul has sent to uphold the law.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Glitch Goblin small Glitch Goblin Beast Variable Variable - -
Eye of zeruul small Eye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable Chapter 5 ?
Will of zeruul small Will of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable Chapter 5 ?
Small Bear small Small Bear Beast 8 1 - Bear Hair, Rawhide Strips
Elven Forester small Elven Forester Humanoid 17 9 - -
Raccoon Assassin small Raccoon Assassin Beast 17 7 - -
Sentry Hound small Sentry Hound Beast 18 4 -

Rawhide Strips, Whitestone Shard

Stoat clipper small Stoat Clipper Beast 18 2 - -
Grove Sprite small Grove Sprite Humanoid 20 3 - Energy-Binding Arrowheads, Whitestone Shard
Drummin' Monkey small Drummin' Monkey Beast 22 3 - Rotten Banana, Whitestone Shard
Imp small Imp Dark 30 17 Yes Lettuce Leaf
Peron Rihn small Peron Rihn (R) Humanoid 32 0 - 30 x Energy-Binding Arrowheads, 5 x Superior Energy
Hedge Guard small Hedge Guard Beast 36 13 Yes Bucket, Superior Energy
Fire Fly small Fire Fly Beast 42 15 Yes Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget

Seeking StrategyEdit

Among the three weapons available, Hunting Bow is highly recommended despite its relatively high cost. When coming back later at Chapter 5, it is recommended to have Lightning Lute or Energy Bow , although not necessary.

Peron Rihn is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 3.


Fierce Tonic small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Ecorae:

Chapter 7: The Bucket BrigadeEdit

Available after completing the City of Tinder main quest.

Chapter 8: The Rabbit FarmerEdit

Available after completing The Spirit Wall main quest.

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