Elixir of Mastery

This elixir, used by mages in Fontis Sapienta who desire greater mastery over beastly or spiritual familiars, gives the user an air of power, allowing them to intimidate lesser beings more easily.

Location(s): Sinkbot City, Fontis Sapienta

Type: Potion

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 70% Chance of Smoke Illusion (+6 Attack vs Beast)
  • You smash the Elixir of Mastery on the floor, creating a cloud of smoke that gathers around you, making you look like a giant!
  • 40% Chance of Bluff (+5 Attack vs Dark)
  • The Elixir of Mastery lends an air of command to your voice, and makes your eyes glow a fiery red. No dark entity would dare question you now!
  • 90% Chance of GET...OUT!!! (+3 Attack)
  • You drink the Elixir of Mastery and let out a bellow of rage that _____ should challenge your supremacy.

Required Level: 1

Obtained By:

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