Elven Goblin

This Goblin is as beautiful as she is deadly among the rest of her kind. Having an Elven heritage, she is smarter than most of her opponents and faster, too! She understands how to wield more advanced weapons with fatal results. She has no respect for the Goblin aristocrats that hide in the safety of the arena seats rather than defend their honor like true Elves would.

Location(s): Goblin Gauntlet

First Appearance: Chapter 13

Attack Power: 85

Defense Power: 20

Family Type: Humanoid
Enemy Class: Fast

Critical Chance: 3%


  • Challenge! (+100 Attack vs Fire, Shock, Ice, Arcane)
  • Best to attack Elven Goblin with nothing but a basic weapon!
  • Champion's Choice (+100 Defense vs Fire, Ice, Arcane)
  • Elven Goblin has selected to fight as you are or with a Shock weapon only!

Loot: None
Gold: Gold Icon 300 - 340

Energy Preference: Goblin Champion Volt

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 5 Badge Gold 10 Badge Platinum 15

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