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Emeralite is a rare and difficult gemstone to extract due to its delicate crystalline matrix. The smallest of prodding can send it into a catastrophic breakdown of integrity, shattering it into pieces.

Its rarity and the delicate process required to safely extract this gemstone make it a valuable crafting item that can boost the defense of armor if combined with the right ingredients.

Location(s): East Core Quarry, The Salt Mines

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Attack Power: 10

Defense Power: 0

Family Type: Resource

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 15% Chance of Resonance Frequency (+15 Defense)
  • While it's nice to whistle while you work, your particular tune seems to match the resonance frequency of this gemstone, shattering it to pieces.

Loot: Emeralite EmeraliteEmeralite Shard Emeralite Shard
Gold: Gold Icon 5 - 10

Energy Preference: Mining Energy

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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