Enchanted Energy

This energy was created by Aznor through imbuing Basic Energy with magic learned in Fontis Sapienta. It allows three possible encounters giving Seekers an extra edge when seeking for that difficult character.

Type: Energy
Purchasable At: Aznor's Clearing (Caravan Bazaar), Evergreen Forest (Great Tree Market)
Cost: Gold Icon 1205 - 1705 gold
Attracts: Like Superior Energy, it offers the ability to choose the opponent you wish to battle from a randomly selected group of three characters. However, unlike Superior Energy, it doesn't provide any other benefits.

Loot From:
Character Locations
Philima small Philima Fontis Sapienta small Fontis Sapienta
Burrowing Beetle small Burrowing Beetle The Dead Camp small The Dead Camp
Goblin of Metal small Goblin of Metal Troll Pit small Troll Pit

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