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Goblin Treasure!

I caught the elusive Enchanted Goblin, and he turned into a pile of loot! GARBLEFARGAPHTHHBBACKTHAURCAITOODACLEDEE!

For a brief instant, you corner the Enchanted Goblin before it can hop into the forest. He locks his power-crazed eyes onto you.
Quest Enchanted Goblin
He then proceeds to transform into a pile of loot.

Cutscene SE You have received: 15 x Superior Energy

Copper Ring small You have received: 1 x Copper Ring

Cowbell small You have received: 1 x Cowbell

Goblin Medal small You have received: 1 x Goblin Medal

Pumpkin Head small You have received: 1 x Pumpkin Head

Cutscene SS You have received: 1 x Sharpened Stick

Three Leaf Clover small You have received: 1 x Three Leaf Clover

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