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Energy Shops are located in Esert Village, Forest Hideout, East Core Quarry, Ecorae and Hammer Falls.

In all locations with shops, there is an integrated Premium Shop in which various packs of Superior Energy can be purchased for Seeker Silver. These shops are not listed here.


Esert Village Shop (Esert Village) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
CutScene Basic Energy Basic 5

Goblin Snitch (Forest Hideout) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
Bandit King Energy small Bandit King 10

Tools of the Trade (East Core Quarry) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
Mining Energy small Mining 15

Triggwood Market (Ecorae) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
CutScene WoodsmanEnergy Woodsman 15

Hammer Falls Mercantile (Hammer Falls) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
Whistle Energy small Whistle 100

The General Store (Eserton) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
Static Volt small Static Volt 100

Miner's Outpost (East Core Abyss) Edit

Energy Gold Cost
E.C. Abyss - Tier 1 small E.C. Abyss - Tier 1 750

Jack Frost Shop (Frostivas Isle)Edit

Equipment Gold Cost
Snowflake Energy small Snowflake Energy 150

The Tourney Trade (Tournament Grounds)Edit

Equipment Gold Cost Quest Required?
Mining Energy smallUnobtainium Energy 150 Yes

Christmas Gift Shoppe (Celebration Zone)Edit

Equipment Gold Cost
Snowflake Energy small Snowflake Energy 150

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