I Caught the Reclusive Sorcerer!

Catching this rare mage is a credit to my Seeking ability!

You corner the Reclusive Sorcerer at the back of a sea cave, but, unwilling to give up, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of magic powder.

In a swirl of smoke, he releases the powder and disappears. A voice echoes through the cave.

"Enrick, my old friend... forgive me for not wanting you to see me like this. I envy you, Enrick, for even though you have lost all, you can still best me in combat.

I found a valuable item on the beach during one of my late-night walks... please take it as a token of apology."

Robot Body
You have received: 1 x Robot Body
You question Enrick about what the Sorcerer might have meant, but he quickly becomes agitated.
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Addled words from a crazy old loon, that's all they were. Come on, we've got more work to do!

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