Enrick is Alive!

I saved Enrick's life! To thank me, Enrick gave me his most prized possession: Nayavi, Sword of Wisdom.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Catch 10 Stoat Clippers to find the Forest Rangers' Hideout.

You arrive at Ecorae to find the city swarming with human-sized crows. Their beady eyes follow you wherever you go. Even when there don't seem to be any birds around, you feel them watching, perched above you.

You keep your Seeker Stone tucked inside your cloak, using it to search for Enrick. The stone leads you to a hollowed-out bole in a dying tree. There, the Earth Elementalist and a team of healers are caring for Enrick. Behind a wooden blind, you can hear him screeching, like the Ghoul Enforcers back at Ivory City.

CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
You got the tooth? Give it here... we got to burn it and add it to Enrick's daily potion. He hasn't got much time left...
Graves Tooth
You hand over: 1 x Grave's Tooth
The healers burn Lt. Graves' tooth over an open flame, and sift the ashes into Enrick's medicine. They force Enrick to drink the potion, and soon his ghoulish screams turn to the bewildered cries of an old man waking from a nightmare.
What... what happened? I thought I was going to die.

You saved me? Why, I never would have suspected that you would be able to take down an undead commander so soon... you are truly something special.

I owe you my life... I wish I could take you home to Esert, but the rebels here need your help. Take this sword instead. It's my most prized possession.

CutScene Nayavi
You have received: 1 x Nayavi
CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
I'll take Enrick home once he's well enough to travel. That Glorin feller asked me to send you to the hideout of the Forest Rangers, Ecorae's rebel force. To find him, beat 10 Stoat Clippers. They'll give you directions.

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