I Defeated the Six Guardians!

Now, King Yorrick will pay for all of the harm he's done!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat King Yorrick 20 times.

Using the power of the Peacemaker’s Staff, you and Enrick cut a path through Yorrick’s castle, forcing your enemies to lay down their weapons with the peaceful aura of the alabaster dove. Even the guards at Yorrick’s throne room lay down their weapons, and let you pass through.

Inside, Yorrick is waiting for you atop a throne of skulls. His mocking laughter rings throughout the room.

KingYorrickKing Yorrick
You are too late, Seeker. Even the power of the Peacemaker’s Staff cannot touch me now. Zeruul’s enchantments shield me. I shall not yield to your will.
Yorrick, you fool! Surrender before the two of us destroy you! There’s still time to save yourself.
KingYorrickKing Yorrick
A-ha ha ha ha ha! Poor old man... still can’t admit that you’ve lost your powers, eh?
What! That’s a lie! Of course I’m still a Seeker...
KingYorrickKing Yorrick
Then you’ll have no trouble catching this!
Yorrick calls a fire poker up from the floor behind Enrick, and spears the old man through with it. Enrick falls to the floor, blood pooling around him. You run to your mentor, and hold his hand.
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
Yorrick is right... Zeruul’s assimilators took my powers long ago, when I was in prison, but that never stopped me from escaping, and fighting my hardest.

When I got back home to Esert after the war, I began training rebels, teaching them to use the skills that I had lost. Over time, I realized that I could still fight harder than most of my recruits, and that my reputation scared my enemies more than any magic powers.

You’re like the child I never had... please remember that being a Seeker... is about what’s in your heart... not the Seeker Stone in your hand.

Enrick lets out a final sigh, and dies. You see a faint glow around his body as his spirit rises and briefly encircles your Seeker Stone, causing it to brighten for a moment. The glowing fades and Enrick's spirit dissipates.

You must defeat Yorrick now, for Enrick, and for all your friends!

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