I Found a Secret Passageway!

I found a passage leading out of prison! It's too small for the other prisoners, but I'm working out a new strategy...

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat the Jailer 15 times to escape into the first level of the prison.

Once alone in your cell, you decide to use your Seeker stone to scout out possible escape routes. This drafty old prison is full of structural flaws and secret passageways! Behind a large stone in the corner of your cell is a tunnel that leads beyond the prison walls.

This will allow you to travel to other towns for supplies... it will also help you to stage a full-scale breakout! But in order to do that, you’ll need to take out a wall, and a lot of guards.

Lantern light spills through the hole in the door. A greasy jailer, keys jangling in his pockets, enters your cell.

CutScene Oubliette Jailer LOubliette Jailer
Kestrall’s got orders from the big boss to take you... downstairs. And I’d say you deserve it, too. Come quietly, and I may not kick you senseless.
Now’s your chance. Take him down and get those keys!
CutScene Kestrall'sOubliette
You may now travel to Kestrall's Oubliette

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