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Over two centuries from the Esert Village you knew and a little over 50 years ago, the rural and quaint town was swept up in an industrial revolution with the discovery and implementation of electricity. Candles were replaced with lightbulbs, farms were replaced with factories, and wood and straw houses were replaced with tall, ominous, brick and clay buildings. The once open fields were quickly supplanted with concrete and mortar. At least before, everything could be seen for what it was. Now, the dense smoke and soot hide both the good and the bad.


Family Type
Enemy Class
Quest Required?
Beta Tester small Beta Tester Beast Tough Variable Variable - Battery Pack
Elven Forester small Forester of Eserton (R) Humanoid - 119 23 - 1 x Seeker Silver Chest,
10 x Ultra Volt
Grass Grembling small Grass Grembling Beast Fast 60 53 Yes Grade A Premium Fertilizer
Goblin Refugee small Goblin Refugee Beast Tough 102 32 Yes -
Sweeper small Sweeper Humanoid Tough 107 24 Yes Rich Soil
Scooper small Scooper Humanoid Fast 112 25 Yes -
Boticidists small Boticidists Humanoid Tough 123 28 Yes -
Mayor Knot small Mayor Knot Humanoid Warded 135 30 Yes -

Seeking StrategyEdit

See also: Planting a Levyn quest series page for more quest-related strategy.

Using Basic Energy and Superior Energy here will only attract Beta Testers. Seekers need to use Static Volt or Ultra Volt to attract the other characters. Using the Solstice Sword against non-Beast characters isn't recomended since all characters here have +200 Defense (or Attack) against Fire (except Beta Tester). The best weapons to use here are currently Cyclone Sword or Piñata Bat (event weapons) and Lost Yoshihiro Katana (premium) or Peacemaker's Sceptre (non-premium). Of course, Hydropump can be used once it's unlocked (see Summary for more details).

However, since all enemies here have both family type and enemy class, one should always consider the bonuses and penalties provided by specific weapons when aiming for a specific character. Out of non-premium weapons, Cyclone Sword is best when facing Boticidists and Sweepers, followed by Piñata Bat, while Peacemaker's Sceptre is best when facing Scoopers. Out of premium weapons, Lost Yoshihiro Katana is best when facing Scoopers and second best (after Cyclone Sword) when facing Sweepers and Boticidists.

Piñata Bat is the best non-premium option when facing Goblin Refugees and Grass Gremblings, while the best premium options are Lost Yoshihiro Katana and Solstice Sword.


Battery Pack small Galactic Goo Small


Side QuestsEdit

Chapter 12: The Platinum Challenge - Part IVEdit


Characters in this location most likely have a Fire resistance to prevent Seekers from using Solstice Sword, a premium weapon that is very powerful compared to other available weapons at that point.

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