Family type replaced Power Families as a game mechanic, while Enemy Classes replaced the previously used Power Types.

Family Types were created in order to categorize enemies into generic groupings. Enemies will only ever have one Family Type. There are no future plans to add any more Family Types because the existing ones cover all forms of enemies.

A character belongs to one family, as indicated on the front of its card. For instance, the Thugbot is a member of the Construct family type, as denoted by the 'Construct' text under its name. Known Families Types include: Beast, Construct, Dark, Humanoid, Resource, and Companion.

Family Types respond to different weapon Power Types.

  • Dark characters are weak to Arcane and Fire weapons.
  • Beasts are weak to Shock and Fire type weapons.
  • Constructs are weak to Ice and Shock weapons.
  • Humanoids are weak to Arcane and Ice weapons.
  • Resources can only be defeated with Mining weapons. If you encounter a Resource without using a Mining weapon, your attack power will be reduced to 1. Also, your defense isn't applied when encountering resource (since they, technically, don't attack).
  • Companions are Characters who join you during your journey through the Mythlands. In the current release of LevynLight, the only Character who belongs to this Family Type is Zeruul (Human Form). The Levyn also was part of this Family Type, but it was eventually removed from it (you are still able to travel with it). They don't seem to have any particular trait.

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