Feldspar Ogre

The scratches of Feldspar Ogre nails can be seen on the walls of many of the Salt Mines. An ogre's nails need to be kept sharp, because they use them to spear fish in the underground lakes. Feldspar Ogres usually leave anything larger than a Quartz Skitterbug alone, but never underestimate them in a hungry mood. The best course of action is to stay out of their sight, and avoid those fearsome rock teeth.

Location(s): East Core Abyss, The Salt Mines

First Appearance: Chapter 9

Attack Power: 63

Defense Power: 28

Family Type: Beast

Critical Chance: 2%


  • 71% chance of Crystalline Hide (+4 Defense)
  • Feldspar Ogre's crystal hard skin deflects your attacks!

Loot: 5 x Hydrosaur Energy small Hydrosaur Energy, 5 x Icewing Energy small Icewing Energy, 5 x Shubb'Ngohlth Energy small Shubb'Ngohlth Energy, 5 x Scholar Energy small Scholar Energy (in The Salt Mines), 10 x E.C. Abyss - Tier 8 smallE.C. Abyss - Tier 8 (in East Core Abyss)
Gold: Gold Icon 6000 - 10000

Energy Preference: None

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 3 Badge Gold 5 Badge Platinum 10

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