Festivas Past

This small boy is the ghost of festivas past, a herald of happier times when you were excited to learn everything the Mythlands had to teach you and your memories were not clouded by the Shadow always just out of reach. While you can't remember exactly what your life was like before you woke up in Esert with Enrick, something about this boy makes you think it's just there on the tip of your mind if you can only wrap your mind around it. Just when the thought seems to form, though, his jungle bells let out a jingle and you are brought back from it all.

Location(s): Festivas Isle

First Appearance: Christmas in July

Attack Power: Variable

Defense Power: Variable

Family Type: Humanoid
Enemy Class: Fast

Critical Chance: 2%


  • 24% chance of Presque Vu! (+3 Defense)
  • You can't fight now!Your past memory is just there at the tip of your tongue and the back of your mind!

Loot: None
Gold: Gold Icon 200 - 300

Energy Preference: None

Badges: Seekers do not earn badges for this character (more details).

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