The Mages Are Feuding!

I've been chosen to solve a feud among the mages! I just hope I don't get turned into a newt in the crossfire...

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect 10 Magic Rings from Seeresses.

After you and Enrick have eliminated half of the dark spirits thronging the street, Philima lets out a blast of arcane energy which takes care of the rest.
PhilimaArchmage Philima
That should buy us more time, but we need to act quickly to gather allies for the final attack.

My most powerful allies are the Starmages and Seeresses, but lately they have been feuding. The Starmages accused the Seeresses of stealing a magic ring from them, but the Seeresses claim that they gave the ring back.

We need those mages to work together! Track down some Seeresses, and see if you can get to the bottom of this.!

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