I Defeated the Jailer!

I knocked the Jailer off his feet, and escaped into the halls of Kestrall's Oubliette! Next, I'll need to gather enough energy to break down the walls.

New Objective Unlocked!

  • - Find enough First Floor Energy to hunt enemies on the first floor.

  • - Once you reach the first floor, collect enough Wall Energy to break the prison's outer wall 10 times.

  • - Beware: The energy you use determines what enemies you encounter. If you don't store up enough first floor and wall energy, you could end up fighting enemies in the dungeons to work your way back up!

You emerge from the cell, and see a sign nearby:

Attention Guards: Keep your energy stones hidden at all times! If a prisoner got some, they could ascend to the next level of the prison. And remember: First Floor energy takes you to the second floor, and Wall Energy seeks out weaknesses in the outer wall. This energy is for maintenance use ONLY! No pranks.

Hmmm... it looks like energy is the key to getting around here. If you get enough First Floor energy off the guards, you can Seek out enemies on the second floor. Second floor enemies may be carrying Wall Energy, which will help you break down part of the prison's outer wall! You'll need to collect a lot of the lower level energies, though... if you run out, you could get kicked back down to the first floor without breaking the wall.

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